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'Pre-screening' required for the covid subvention this time (2022)

NB The word previously used 'pre-checking' (事前確認 in Japanese) has been changed to 'pre-screening', considering the actual procedure. In reality, however, it's not clear to what extent applicants are to be screened by this process.

The subvention this time, which opens until the end of May this year, you’ll need to go through ‘pre-screening’ by which the authorities confirm applicants’ eligibility for the application. Maybe because of some fraud cases in the past application, a screening system is set for any abuse.

The overview of the process is the following:

Step1: Prepare required documents and do provisional registration

Step2: Search* an authorised organisation** and make an appointment for pre-screening. (Go to translation of the required documents on our site)

Step3: Go through pre-screening online/in person/by telephone

Step4: Upon confirmation, go to ‘My page’ and apply

* Search page is Japanese only, so I’ll translate it, too. (Ah, now I can understand how you'd feel to do business in Japan!).

** Authorised organisation: Public entities and accountants appointed by the government particularly for this purpose.

It seems that I'll have to take some more time to complete the translation than expected. Thanks for continued understanding!

Meanwhile, prepare carefully the required documents mentioned here.

Obviously, it should take longer than the previous subventions of this kind. Be duly prepared!

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Required documents for the covid subvention 2022

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