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Required documents for the covid subvention 2022

For the covid subvention, here are the slides of required documents for the application. The slides include a glossary, too.

I have changed translation strategy this time to release translation one by one section, rather than completing the whole part and publishing at once after painstakingly working on bureaucratic Japanese language in the document! Thanks for your kind understanding. And please be noted that you'd need some time to prepare the documents, after all.

In some part, translation can be confusing for you as the text is not proofread by a professional proofreader. My apologies in advance. Moreover, even some Japanese texts need clarification from my point of view due to, again, the bureaucratic expression.

I've tried to make it clear and precise, but in case of any correction, I'll announce whenever possible. Also, I'm happy to clarify if any question. Contact me vie Twitter DM.

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