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【Updated】Translation is now ready! 'How to apply for the covid subvention 2022'

NB Translation is updated on 2 March to improve clarity.

As predicted, the translation 'How to apply for the covid subvention 2022' is now ready! You can download a pdf file from here below;

How to apply: Covid Subvention by JP Government for SMEs and Freelancers (Kojin jigyo nushi: 個人事業主)(PDF file)

Thank you very much for the patience as it took much longer than predicted!

Since this is not proofread by a native speaker, some texts may be very rough. My apologies in advance, and I'm happy to clarify whenever needed.

You can make use of this file and ask your friends or family members for help. One of the important points is, however, that someone who helps you interpret the application should duly understand the procedure as it's very complicated with full of bureaucratic vocabulary.

We're also happy to assist you with reasonable rates when needed. Feel free to contact us. Furthermore, I'm planning to have an online session on 'how to apply for the subvention' sometime soon. Stay tuned!

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